We are all passionate idealists that live to make a difference in the world and/or drink gin & tonics. It depends on the day really. We pride ourselves on both ambition and flexibility.  

The two co-founders are Yasmine  (a digital nomad, vegetarian and part-time hippie) and Erica (a City lawyer, world traveller and general do-gooder).

We have been great friends for over ten years but, as you may have guessed, we don't agree on much by way of politics or world views. Strangely, when the topic of life ambitions and opportunities came up during a road trip through the United Arab Emirates and Oman (it's a long story) we found ourselves in complete agreement on the topic of happiness.

The consumption of things, buying stuff, does very little for wellbeing and, let's face it, no great story ever started with... "so I was shopping for top"...

But experiences, that's a different story. Life's for living and the more living the better. People develop and grow when they learn new things, meet new people and get new experiences. Experiences, not things, make us happier.

But how do you get access to new experiences without making it yet another thing on your credit card? Well you trade for it of course.

Tibba Heroes & Co-Creators: Paul Mallon, Tadeusz Mollin, Jackie Byrne, Joshua, Masa Morishita, Tom Richardson, Antti, Sara Darazirar, Dr Michael Williams, Gareth Byrne, Shawhin Mosadeghzad, Tillie & The Machine, Mike Rogers, Sten Trolle, Niclas Mollin, Marcos Regodon Wallin, Eric Idebro, Niklas Ingholt, Christina Pr, Wayne H. Zbytovsky, Robo Durden, She-Ra Princess of Power, Ola K, EngageFirst Health, Matt Cope, Albin, Rodger Burnett, Liveinstantly, Erik Hägnefors Sander, Kate Woods - Live.Dance.Move, Charlotte Foster, Caitlin :D Leahy and Tom Wambeke