General FAQ

This is the first version of Tibba that we’ve launched to the public. It’s not perfect. Far from it. If you spot something wrong then let us know! We’d love to receive feedback.

Tibba isn’t available in my country yet 🙁
We’re soooooorrryyyy!!! We’re working as quickly as we can to launch is different countries. Sign up to get notifications on our website and we’ll let you know as soon as we get there!

Does it cost anything to use Tibba?
Nope, it’s all free. We will be adding some premium features later but the basic version will stay free.

What is barter?
Barter is trading skills or products rather than buying them. No cash = no problem.

Is barter legal?
Barter is one of the oldest forms of trading and, as far as we know, it’s legal everywhere. If you are using barter as part of commercial transactions (and, in some countries, for all transaction) then there may be some tax liability. We will be adding information on this point asap for the relevant countries but, in the meantime, please confirm the position in your country with other sources.

Getting started – the user guide
The first thing you need to do is set up your profile. You can browse skills without setting up a contract but you can’t actually enter a contract without one. So go to edit profile. Add a photo, do a little blurb about yourself and press the turquoise ‘+’ to start adding skills. The skills are the most important thing! Add as many as you like and then make sure they are published. Simples (as the Meerkat would say). You’re now ready to start trading skills!

How do I find people to trade with?
Just click on the discover button (home button) and start to browse through all the awesome skills available in your community.

How do I know if they will agree to the trade?
There’s no shortcut. You actually have to talk to them. Click on ‘Let’s get stuff done’ and agree the terms of the exchange. It’s good to be specific. Set limitation and deadlines so you both know what you’re getting.

How do I know if they want what I’m offering?
Read their bio. Some people are looking to trade specific things but most people are open to all sorts of suggestion so make contact and find out 🙂

What’s the ‘handshake’?
This is the agreement you enter into with the other person once you’ve both agreed to the terms of the exchange. This is a very simple contract with some basic information about the exchange. Make sure that you include enough details so you both know what you’re exchanging.

What happens when you submit the agreement?
The other party will have to review the information you’ve written to make sure they agree with it. If they agree then they will approve the contract and you can both get to work. If they don’t agree they can make changes to the contract and it then goes back to you for approval.

What happens if the other person doesn’t complete their part?
If the other person doesn’t complete the part they have agreed then contact them and see if you can agree a different timeline. If you can’t agree a different day or if the other person doesn’t respond then report the person to us and leave them a bad review. Tibba depends on peer review so it is up to the community to report bad performers so others don’t trade with them. If they get a number of reports then we will block them. You may also pursue them through the legal system to receive payment for the part that you have performed. Tibba takes no active part in this process.

Can I list paid services?
Tibba is a barter platform so please only list things you are prepared to do for free. That said, if you can’t find a good barter solution with the other person then it’s entirely up to you two to agree how you resolve this.

Can I use Tibba to get new clients?
Sure. Bartering services is a great way to let others test your services without having to commit financially. If they like what you offer then you can always take them on as paid clients. Tibba does not get involved in this process.

How do I leave a review?
Once the agreed time for the contract has expired you will both be prompted to leave a review for the other party.

Why should I leave a review?
The reviews help us keep track of the trades on the platform, it gives star performers the recognition they deserve, it protects others from bad performers AND we’re keeping track of the stars you receive for a very special reason. We can’t say more than that but let’s just say that when we launch the premium features, having lots of good reviews will be a very good thing 😉

Can I help?
Yes you can! Please review us on App Store and invite all your friends and family that have cool skills to trade on Tibba!
My questions hasn’t been answered on here
No problem, just contact us on with the subject line – FAQ and we’ll answer your question directly or add it on here 🙂