How does it work?

Tibba is a marketplace for the exchange of skills and services for new opportunities. It is a barter platform for freelancers, business owners, skilled professionals, startups and other awesome peeps. Trade your skills directly with other people for new and cool experiences. The possibilities are endless and the size of your wallet is no longer the controlling factor so stop waiting for tomorrow and start living now. 

Step 1 - Create your profile and list the skills you are offering.

Step 2 - Upload some cool photos to get noticed and edit your bio to tell people a little more about yourself and your background. 

Step 3 - Search for others to trade in your local community. You can view random listings or you can search by category. 

Step 4 - Don't be shy! Get in touch by messaging the other person. Agree the terms of the exchange. 

Step 5 - Trade trade trade!

Step 6 - Spread the word and give us some love! :D The more people we get on the platform the more opportunities there will be for everyone!